Add Mod Gear Pairs depth factors

Add Mod Gear Pairs depth factors

Postby gearcam » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:57 pm

We have changed the way the tooth proportion factors are entered
Instead of the question ie do you want to use 2.25 for full depth now on the edit screen there are four boxes
For each gear Drive Driven a box for the Add and a box for Ded by default these are set to 1.00 & 1.25
If you change these after basic pitch PA etc entered as well as tooth sizing so the T/T is set it will Calc the OD or root to the correct value.

Also if you enter a different Dia the real factor will be shown after Calc and then edit are pressed.
These numbers are also shown at the bottom of the Clac screen with all the other data

This is a more informative way to set tooth proportions.

Any problems please post here

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