Some help for using the demo

Some help for using the demo

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Help for running Gear C.A.M. on your Android

From the Start screen you have two options "Single Gear" or "Exit" select "Single Gear"

The "Single Gear Input Screen" will open with some data to get you started
Number of teeth - 21
DP - 18 or 1.411 Mod
Helix - 0 Spur
Pressure Angle 22°

This basic information is all you need to start

At the top R/H corner click "Calc" this will design the gear from the information already entered

This will bring up the gear data screen
It will ask you two questions
1 - What tooth depth do you want the default is 2.25 you might want 2.4 for grinding say is so just enter it.
2 - Also a warning that no Start of Active Profile had been input, the program will calculate its own.

Now you have a screen full of data including Dia's span & pin sizes etc etc. (no changes can be made on this screen)

At the bottom click the "Graphics" button Now you can see the gear you have designed.

To make changes press the back phone button twice, this takes you to the input screen.
Any piece of data can be changed in either Inches or MM.

So let's modify. As we will change a few items press the "Res" button top Right of screen, this clears all but the 4 top pieces of information.

So let's make it a helical gear click in the 0° box to the right of "Helix Angle" and change this to 25 then press return you will see that Right has appeared in the hand and the lead has been calculated. (For left hand gears enter -25)

Now we will input the size from a known span size
Input 4 into the "Teeth for span Size" this will set how many teeth to measure over
Now press the device "menu" button 6 options will pop up, press "MM Span Size" then enter 15.5

The tooth thickness & Add Mod Coeff have been calculated so the gear is now sized.

Press "Calc" Top Right then as before through to graphics.
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